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Nutrition Testing & Balancing

Using a test kit comprised of 200 different American, Chinese, Korean and Ayurvedic herbal combinations, remedies, vitamins, minerals, fats and a select group of predigested proprietary "nano" substances we are able to find exactly what your body needs.

Interference Field Detoxification

We are able to use QRA to see where "weak" spots in your body are, including: vaccinations, old injuries, traumas, surgeries, scars, tattoos, subclinical infection, root canals, dental work, C-sections, heavy metals, radiation and more.

Mud & Clay Packs

We use a blend of highly energetic muds, clays and peats to mud pack the "sites" and dislodge the energetic, chemical or physical blockages. This helps mobilize toxins and infections and reconnects and reestablishes communication in the body’s energy pathways so information can get from the brain to all the organs and glands.

Emotional Re-Polarization

Reprogramming the brain and body can also be accomplished with QRA by reversing out negative emotions and beliefs. These are energetic and physical blockages as well. Often, when we reprogram, a clients nutritional needs may go down more than 50%.

Vastu Energy Remediation

Using QRA we can create the highest healing energetics so the clients environment will support the healing process instead of working against it (So all the work we do actually gets more amazing results!). In Ancient Chinese Medicine they did this first, before they addressed the body’s symptoms.

Liver-Gallbladder Detoxification

Using QRA testing, we design a personalized liver gallbladder flush program to clear build-up and repair damage. See the results from our very own client, John Cameron. Click the link to view his amazing photo documentary and testimonials of his 50+ flushes: John Cameron Documentary.

Weight Management Programs

Reset the metabolism using Anabolic, Vegan, Gluten free, Non-GMO shakes and supplements.

Light Therapy

FDA approved cold laser and bioptron polarized laser light therapies for pain and inflammation.

Who we are

Randy Freiberg, CNC, CCMH and Colette Freiberg are Naturopaths and Master QRA practitioners. We have been practicing Functional, Natural Medicine since 1997.

QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) allows us the ability to "talk" to your body so your body can tell us exactly what it needs. Using this information we are able to create the best clinical solutions for you that have the greatest beneficial impact on your health.

We are excited to help you reach a higher level of health and wellness.

New to muscle testing? Watch this short video to learn more.

Randy and Colette Freiberg

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